IKEA Futons

Ikea Futons have become extremely popular in the US.  The futon originated in Japan and was initially a simple quilted mattress that was pliable enough to be folded up a put away. As the idea of the futon was introduced to Europe some distinct designs came into play, which provided more practical uses for futons. For example, most futons can be folded and used as contemporary seating.

Futon’s are considered very stylish and the versatility of the styles is quite extraordinary. No company has more experience in selling and shipping futons than IKEA. Below is a list of several futons offered at IKEA at extremely affordable prices.

Beddinge – This sofa bed with a slipcover provides the ultimate in contemporary seating, while providing the capacity to be converted into a comfortable bed. At only 29.00, it is definitely a reasonable choice.

IKEA PS – This is another sofa bed with a slip cover that presents an extremely stylish design that will fit with any contemporary décor. As with all futons sold at IKEA, this sofa transitions from sofa to bed in a matter of a few short second. The PS is priced at $59.00.

If you are looking to for something a little pricier you can order the IKEA PS HAVET which ranges from $279.00 to $500.00. The design is flawless and the mattress quality is exceptional.

The number of futons available at IKEA is almost endless. You will definitely be able to find a futon that fits your taste and comfort level, as well as your wallet.

Futons are being sold at a vast variety of stores. With all of the different options of merchants for to choose from, why should you want to order futons IKEA stocks? The truth is that there are some great advantages in ordering your futon from Ikea.

Ikea stocks the largest inventory of futons in the world. No matter what type of budget you are working with or what type of quality or style you desire, IKEA futons exist to meet your needs. Whether your focus is on comfort or affordability you will be able to find an Ikea futon that fits the profile that you have set.

IKEA futons have long been recognized for their high level of quality and comfort. With the majority of the mattresses that are sold with IKEA futons, you will not be able to detect the difference in sleeping on a futon mattress and a conventional mattress. The quality also impacts the durability of the futon. You can expect to get years of use out of your futon without any concerns.

Ikea prides itself in providing a second to none shopping experience for its customers. If you purchase and IKEA futon and you are not completely satisfied with it, you can return it within 90 days to the store of purchase or pay to have it shipped to the shipping warehouse and a refund will be issued using the same form of payment as you used to purchase the item.

Bottom Line is IKEA has you covered when it comes to futons.

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