Murphy Beds IKEA

If you are looking for a murphy bed IKEA has some potential options for you to consider.  While there is no specific IKEA murphy bed on the market per se you can use parts and systems that IKEA does sell to make your own murphy bed system.  Firstly, you will need to decide are you sure you want a murphy bed.  Murphy bed’s are also sometimes called pull down beds or wall beds, but essentially it is all the same from a practical point of view.  If you are handy you can relatively easily make your own murphy bed mechanism with a frame and then attach it to virtually anything you want.  In fact I would recommend that you use the pax IKEA planner to help with the building of your murphy bed and your surrounding space.

Before you start you will need to decide on the size of the murphy bed and the two most common sizes are full and queen beds.  Personally, I prefer the queen bed which gives the option of sleeping two guests rather than one.  Although, two people could potentially fit on a full size bed the whole point of putting in a murphy bed is to give your guests a comfortable place to sleep otherwise you would have just hauled out the air mattress or a sleeping bag.

One you have decided on the size and dimensions of the murphy bed and this is important because different murphy bed mechanisms allow for different depths and different resultant heights.  Also, different murphy bed mechanisms are easier to open and close than others which may be a big issue if you are smaller build or someone who is older and can’t do any heavy lifting.  Regarding mattresses most murphy bed kits on the market and there are many it is important you know what kind of mattress you can use.  For example if you already have a mattress that is 12 inches thick don’t get a murphy bed kit that only fits a mattress that is 8 inches high.

Once you have your murphy bed kit and instructions on how to use it then you can start the building process.  If you want to get many of the parts from IKEA you can and you can try various different configurations.  IKEA’s pax planner is excellent for this and will allow you to plan your project around your murphy bed for a nice contiguous feel.  IKEA has many different colors and styles to choose from in their pax line so you should be able to find pretty much whatever you could possibly need here.

There are many other vendors of murphy beds besides IKEA and you will likely be able to find the ones that meet your needs.  Here is an example of a murphy bed IKEA has to offer below using its parts should you be inclined to go that route.

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